scraplights white

The Scraplight white series pushed the collaboration between the Graypants Seattle and Amsterdam studios to new levels. Through intensive research, development and dedication, the team was able to build upon the solid foundation of their original Scraplight series. Using custom-made pure white corrugated cardboard precision cut on advanced machinery, Graypants finally achieved the bright, modern glow always imagined. The crisp translucency perfectly contrasts the rustic warmth of the natural cardboard Scraplights, making them a chic alternative for a variety of spaces.

Scraplight white pendants are thoughtfully and carefully handmade in Holland where Graypants has partnered with a social works program to provide craft-based careers to the local community. Graypants takes pride in using custom FSC-certified paper, produced from forests that replant more trees than they harvest. The Scraplight white series will be available in all of the original Scraplights shapes, including all of the classic series and larger frame series Scraplights.

Scraplight white series is a fresh take on an original idea.
“This was worth the wait.”
Watch the Scraplights white series short film