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The first countertop object from Graypants, the Ice Press is designed to uniquely enhance your cocktail experience. Utilizing the thermal properties of aluminum, it creates beautiful spheres of ice that seem to never melt. This product is the key to crafting a perfectly chilled drink, leaving the notes and characteristics of your spirits undiluted. The Ice Press is graceful in function and appearance, adding a delightful twist to the way your cocktail is prepared and enjoyed.

The Ice Press is made entirely in Seattle, Washington. It is machined from solid aluminum, with a food-safe black anodized finish, and detailed with stainless steel.

Each kit includes the following:
∙ Ice Press
∙ Stainless Steel Drip Tray
∙ Stainless Steel Tongs
∙ Stainless Steel Ice Molds (2)
∙ Cotton Bar Towel

∙ 2.625” (diameter of ice sphere)
∙ 8.25” (height of ice press) x 5.5” (diameter of ice press)


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