We believe the wide variety in our work has made us better at all aspects of it – whether it be launching a new product line, fabricating a custom installation, or working intimately with clients to create something special.


Product Design

Graypants began as an industrial design studio, and product design and development continues to be a main focus. Through our expanding range of lighting and furnishings, we’ve developed a worldwide distribution network for both retail and business markets. It’s also allowed us to engage deeply into developing local, responsible, and sustainable production methods.

Scraplights can be seen around the world in high end restaurants, offices, and homes.


Custom Shop

We’re constantly asked if we can make something unique, and we love to say “yes!”. Yes – we create custom-shaped lights, huge lights out of almost any material, sculptural acoustic and architectural panel systems, product packaging designs, and a whole lot more. Have or need an idea? Let us know! Our Seattle studio doubles as our custom and prototyping shop.

Cloud is a custom chandelier for Airbnb’s new headquarters in San Francisco.



Architectural design is engrained in our DNA. The studio was founded by practicing architects, after all. Since the beginning, this has encouraged a collaborative approach and has strongly influenced the process behind all of our designs. We actively develop conceptual ideas, collaborate on special aspects of projects, and work intimately with clients to create unique buildings.

Garage is a recently completed residential island retreat.